Financial support to Aboriginal Entrepreneurs

Indigenous Business Stabilization Program (IBSP)

SOCCA leads the way

Partner of choice for start-up, acquisition and expansion of Aboriginal businesses

Non-refundable contribution

SOCCA offers the Aboriginal Business Financing Program (ABFP) to finance your project

One-Stop Service

Non-refundable contribution, term loan and coaching for Aboriginal businesses

One-Stop Service

Documents required when filing an application

Are you an Aboriginal entrepreneur?

Our services are specifically designed for you!

(business, organization and or band council)

Financial support - Indigenous Business Stabilization Program (IBSP)

A support program for businesses and organizations in the development of Aboriginal business projects in Quebec.

Minimum 10% of equity required and competitive interest rates.

Support in the development of the project. Consulting and business monitoring.

Affiliated Company

société d'épargne des autochtones du canada



Looking for a savings product, financing for the purchase, renovation or construction of your home, for the start-up, acquisition or expansion of a construction-related business, for support to develop your Access to First Nation housing program, or even a combination of these services? We are here!

The idea behind SEDAC is simple: "investing our savings in our communities" in a safe manner.

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